The practice has received commissions for a broad range of projects varying through educational, commercial, industrial, sporting, domestic and institutional fields from Government, semi-Government, Municipal and private clients. The success of the firm has been due largely to the personal involvement of the partners in every project, whether large or small, to ensure that the extensive experience gained from many years is used to its fullest advantage. A director takes charge of each project and is in contact with the client at all stages of the design and construction.

Our practice has a clear understanding of the commercial nature of the industry and we continually strive to produce the most efficient and effective solutions for our clients. We are committed to the development of a wide range of high quality design projects. We believe that this is achieved through close interaction and consultation with our clients. The combined skills and enthusiasm of our team provides a standard and quality of service consistent with clients expectations and within project budgets.

Architectural and Interior Design Process

Initial Consultation / Site Visit

If you are interested in engaging Cassisi Architects to carry out a building project we can provide you with advice to assist you in making the best possible decision. We are able to arrange an initial meeting in our office or meet you at your site to discuss the brief, site constraints, and planning controls. We can provide you with some ideas on the best way to develop your property.

Schematic Design Stage

An existing building may need to be measured or land surveyed to provide us with further parameters and design constraints. Sketch plan proposals are then produced and presented to the client. Once these sketches have been agreed will produce 3D views to allow you to understand the design and appreciate the design spatially. This allows us to fully explore the building, how it fits within the site and its surrounding context. At the completion of this stage, a Quantity Surveyor could be engaged to provide an accurate estimate of the project cost and to make sure that the design fits within your budget.

Town Planning

Cassisi Architects will be able to assist you if your project requires Town Planning Approval. We will prepare all of the necessary documentation and submit the application together with the drawings to your local Council. We have a track record for obtaining Planning Permits and we always suggest that you engage the services of a reputable Town Planner (we can suggest a couple) to assist in providing initial site investigation, assistance with planning controls and also producing the accompanying reports which Council requires in order to obtain a Planning Permit from council.

Design Development Stage

If your project does not require a Town Planning permit, the Design Development stage helps to design the project in more detail following on from the Schematic Design stage. The initial drawings become further developed to include plans, elevations and sections, we discuss and finalise external materials & details. We discuss things like the type of heating and cooling systems and also recommend the various consultants to assist us with the next stage of the project. We bring years of experience to assist you in making the best decisions for your project.

Contract Documentation

Following the Design, Development stage is the Contract Documentation stage. This is where we need to produce a set of construction documents that thoroughly describes the extent and quality of building to be built. In order for us to call tenders, it is necessary to produce very detailed and accurate drawings and specifications. This is the ‘contract documentation stage’. We will prepare documents and liaise with the selected Building Surveyor to obtain a Building Permit.

Contract Administration Stage

The process of building is relatively lengthy and often complex. Our role as architects is to administer the contract (tendering, arranging the contract, certifying payments to the builder as well as issuing any variations and so on) and to inspect the works so that they are built in accordance with the documents. We arrange meetings on site with the contractor, conduct periodic site inspections, inspect shop drawings and assist in the handover of the building called the Practical Completion stage. Once the project is complete and occupied we remain involved in the project to oversee any issues that might arise over a 12 month period call the Defects Liability Period to ensure the builder fulfils their contractual obligations.

Tendering and Negotiating

To ensure you receive a competitive price, we will need to tender your project to selected contractor. We can suggest the best and suitably qualified to carry out the construction work. When the tender closes we assess the tenders and advise you on the outcome. We then organise a meeting with the selected tender and the client to finalise the agreement and sign contracts.